CPA Profile
Elaine Reilly

CPA Profile
Elaine Reilly

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Title: Principal
Company: Elaine Reilly & Co.
Qualifications: FCPA, BA Finance

Why did you decide to start out in a career in accountancy?
Accountancy and Business were my favourite subjects in school so I was confident my career path would see me heading towards Finance or Accountancy. I chose to study finance in college which I really enjoyed, this also gave me a solid foundation to build on when I decided to pursue a career in accountancy.
Why did you choose CPA Ireland as your qualification route?
A CPA qualification is a highly respected and internationally recognised qualification providing endless opportunities. The flexible learning options were a big advantage, it allowed me to attend night classes at the local Institute of Technology whilst working full-time.
Please provide a brief history of your career.
After completing my undergraduate degree, I started my training programme in an accountancy practice which allowed me to gain a wide range of experience across a broad client base.

After qualifying as a CPA in 2005 I continued to gain experience and develop my skills working in a number of different firms progressing to senior management positions. By 2012 I felt I had the necessary skills, experience, and expertise to start my own accountancy practice, Elaine Reilly & Co.

What one word describes what your CPA qualification has given you?

The CPA qualification provides the necessary grounding in the various disciplines that are required in everyday business environments, this offers individuals the opportunity to follow their own career path, whether that be in practice or industry.

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What has been your biggest career achievement?
Starting my own practice has to be my biggest career achievement to date. Managing my own practice and having the opportunity to build a fantastic hard working and motivated team around me has been hugely rewarding and has allowed me to further develop and grow the business. I have always found the interaction with clients to be one of the most rewarding elements of this job, in our role, we are often one of their most trusted advisors and someone whose advice they value and respect. Customer service is such an important element of this profession and one I pride myself and my team on delivering.
What or who inspires you most in business?

Having started my own business and knowing the risks and challenges surrounding that, I am inspired by all the individuals out there who feel they have something to offer and seize the opportunity to start their own businesses with the hopes of running a successful and profitable business whilst hopefully enjoying the journey along the way.

What advice would you give to those recently qualified or currently studying for their CPA qualification?
Never be afraid to ask questions, however, you should always challenge yourself and try to seek out the answers first, allowing you to develop your knowledge and skill base. Always push yourself to face new challenges, take on new roles, it is good to be pushed outside of your comfort zone as it allows you to develop into a stronger more confident individual. Believe in yourself, take ownership of your own learning and career development and you can achieve anything.
How do you unwind?
I have the most supportive and loving family, so I love nothing more than spending time with my husband and our two children. I also enjoy reading, tennis and walking.
What traits do you admire in others?
The traits I most admire in others are honesty, respect and most importantly trust. I also admire people who take responsibility for their actions and hold themselves accountable.