CPA Profile
Chloe O’Sullivan

CPA Profile
Chloe O’Sullivan

Chloe O' Sullivan

Title: Assistant Manager
Company: Quintas
Qualifications: BA, CPA

Why did you decide to start out in a career in accountancy?
I knew I wanted to go down the business route and after studying all available business subjects in secondary school i.e., Business, Economics and Accounting I was confident that accounting was for me. I spent four years studying at Munster Technological University where I obtained my Bachelor of Business (Honours) in accounting. I knew after second year in college, I definitely wanted to study in a practice environment, so I tried this out for my six months work placement and instantly loved it.
Why did you choose CPA Ireland as your qualification route?
I wanted to have the option to travel with my qualification and the CPA route offered this. While researching all the different bodies, reading about the experiences of CPA students and their progression following qualification stood out for me.
Please provide a brief history of your career.
I finished studying in Munster Technological University in 2019 and I then joined Quintas, a medium sized practice based in Cork, shortly after. I found studying and training in a practice beneficial for my exams and especially now, being qualified and meeting new people, I get further clarity on how valuable this broad range of training was.

In January 2023, I was promoted to assistant manager. My role consists of monitoring my clients’ compliance deadlines and ensuring everything is met including PAYE, VAT, Corporation Tax, Income Tax and CRO.

What I like about my job is there is a variety of clients and different industry’s I work with such as medical professionals, construction and hospitality.

What one word describes what your CPA qualification has given you?


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What has been your biggest career achievement?
It was definitely being awarded the Liam Donnelly medal of excellence while being conferred in 2022. This award is made in recognition of the first Chief Executive of CPA Ireland, Liam Donnelly and is given to the highest scoring candidate in the CPA exams. This award was an amazing recognition of the hard work I put in over the last 3 years. It showed me that I have a tremendous amount of drive and dedication and I am very proud of myself for that. 
What or who inspires you most in business?

I greatly admire my colleagues for the time and effort given to training new students. This is one of Quintas’s values and we call it future proofing – Quintas value’s sharing our time and knowledge to support the development of our colleagues and do so with patience and understanding.

I myself now know the dedication it takes to take time out of your working day to help improve the skills and knowledge of another person, especially since qualifying.

What advice would you give to those recently qualified or currently studying for their CPA qualification?
Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Try and find some sort of balance with studies, relaxation, and social life. Time management really is fundamental. Set small goals for yourself and try not to rush to the finish line, slow and steady wins!
How do you unwind?
Going for a long walk with my friends at the weekend, meeting at the marina market for a coffee and a good chat. Listening to my favourite podcasts and as of recently I have started to read which I have found great to unwind and stay away from my phone.
What traits do you admire in others?
People who are constantly striving to be better and having the resilience when things don’t go your way to try again.