CPAs are using the new .cpa domain by Chris Cromer
CPAs are using the new .cpa domain to supercharge their online presence. Here’s how.
by Chris Cromer
Exclusive web domain for the accounting profession now available to CPAs and firms in Ireland. Put a good idea in the hands of CPAs, and they’ll find innovative ways to make it even better. That’s exactly what’s happening right now with the new .cpa web domain.
When .cpa was launched in the US in Autumn 2020, there were plenty of good reasons for firms to take notice. For starters, it’s a practical way to enhance client trust – when clients see a firm with a .cpa domain they know it’s a firm they can trust. That’s because only individually-licensed CPAs and licensed CPA firms can obtain a .cpa domain through a verification process managed by, a subsidiary of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). There’s also the issue of security: When firms adopt the .cpa domain, they’re better able to protect firm and client data from phishing and other security threats, since top-level domains like .cpa are more resistant to fraud than the less-regulated, more commonly used domains.

And then there are the brand benefits. When it comes to using the .cpa domain to support their brand and marketing strategies, firms have been steadily innovating, creating new opportunities and advantages that weren’t immediately obvious. As a result, in only a short time the profession has seen a host of new domain strategies take flight – and they’re just getting started.

Now, with the launch of the .cpa domain in Ireland, Irish CPAs can take advantage of all the same benefits and establish a strong online presence that lets them stand apart as tech-forward and ensures their clients’ data security.

If you’re wondering whether your firm should make the move to a .cpa domain, here are four domain-based brand strategies (in addition to the benefits of heightened security and trust) that your peers in the profession are already putting to work.

1. “Let’s use this as an opportunity to rebrand”
Rebranding is perhaps the most obvious opportunity presented by the .cpa domain. If your firm feels tethered to a name or web address that you’ve outgrown, but couldn’t find a better option in the overcrowded realm of .com domains, the .cpa domain allows your firm to start fresh. Stuck with even though Jones retired five years ago? This is a rare chance to get the website address that fits your firm’s present and future ambitions.
2. “We need a shorter domain!”
As the internet matured, all the good domains were quickly snatched up. If you wanted to own the address, it was probably already held by some other Jones CPA, or by a squatter who bought it in the hopes of selling it at a higher price. This led to some very long domains that are virtually impossible for clients to remember. The .cpa domain offers the opportunity for firms to secure shorter, more memorable domains – a simple and effective boost to your brand and marketing efforts. That’s why U.S.-based DWG CPA jumped at the opportunity to secure the url, which is easy for clients and prospects to remember and supports the firm’s branding efforts.

“Over ten years ago, we secured for our newly launched firm,” said Managing Director Darrell Groves, CPA, CGMA. “But as our firm grew and matured over the years, it became clear that our domain name was just too long and hard to remember. When we thought about the value of marketing our firm, and of having a shorter url, it didn’t take us long to decide we needed to make the move to a .cpa domain,” he said.

3. “Let’s target specific markets with our domain”

Specialization continues to grow in importance as a tool for firms to distinguish themselves from the competition and tap into a deep well of clients. For example, some firms focus on serving the restaurant industry, or manufacturers. Others specialize in certain types of services, like tax or audit. Some focus on segments such as startups. Some firms distinguish by geography and are looking to market themselves within specific towns, regions, or states. Many firms have already started to adopt domain names that reflect their specific niche, making it easier for clients to find them in online searches and reinforcing their commitment to specific markets. Acosta Tax & Advisory’s is one example of this hyper-targeted strategy in action, helping the firm appear prominently in the online search results of prospective clients looking for a CPA in the city of Miami, Florida. Another is Guess what they specialize in?

Firms can even heighten the impact of these URLs through a multiple domain strategy. By leveraging website redirects, they can advertise market-specific or geotargeted URLs that stand out from the competition and then redirect web browsers to a primary website. This enables firms to have a primary website, such as, but to advertise catchy, branded domains such as or, while not having to manage multiple websites.

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4. “I want to move abroad”
The Mutual Recognition Agreement signed between the AICPA and CPA Ireland in May 2022 allows Irish CPAs to practice in the USA without having to completely re-credential. If your domain is geographical and tied to a country other than where you wish to practice, it can be difficult to gain traction with customers and appropriately position your brand online. A .cpa domain ties you to the profession first and lets you cross borders without the struggle of rebranding or changing domain names later.

Even if building a website isn’t a top priority, as often happens with sole practitioners or small firms, it’s still vital to be accessible when prospective clients turn to the internet to find a business. Now, with the launch of the .cpa starter site, firms that buy a .cpa domain can take advantage of a free, one-page website that makes it easy for clients to find them online.

The .cpa domain hasn’t been available for very long, and is brand new to Ireland, so right now is the best time to secure your firm’s top pick. It’s easy to do – just visit and check if your preferred domain is available. At time of writing, the name of every major Irish city is available as a .cpa domain, as well as many common surnames. You’ll find all the details you need to inform your decision, including whitepapers, case studies, and video interviews with leaders at firms who have already made the switch.

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