CPA Profile
Ian Quinn

CPA Profile
Ian Quinn

Ian Quinn

Title: Financial Controller
Company: Kia Ireland
Qualifications: CPA, Diploma in Corporate Governance from UCD Michael Smurfit Business School and a Diploma in Risk Management, Internal Audit and Compliance from Chartered Accountants Ireland

Why did you decide to start out in a career in accountancy?

I attended O’Connell’s School in Dublin, and I had an inspirational teacher named Michael Finucane who made accountancy and business studies enjoyable and easy! His influence was significant as a number of classmates have since gone on to make a career for themselves in audit, tax and other finance roles. After two years in DIT Aungier Street studying Business Studies, I decided that the world of accountancy was for me.
Why did you choose CPA Ireland as your qualification route?
In 1996, I joined a practice where 2 of the 3 partners were CPA qualified and many of the trainees were also studying CPA in Griffith College. Their experience and influence had a significant bearing in choosing CPA.

More importantly, there were 3 people at partner, director and manager level in the practice that positively influenced me in my development as a Trainee Accountant. They also qualified as CPAs at an early age and that encouraged me to complete my CPA exams as quickly as I could. I gained my CPA qualification in 2000 at the age of 23.

Choosing CPA offered a lot of different pathways and flexibility in developing my career.

The development of CPA since 1996 under the leadership of Eamonn Siggins is something as members, we should be extremely grateful for. The CPA qualification has strengthened over the years, and I never hesitate in recommending it to perspective students.

Please provide a brief history of your career.
Having spent 3 years working in a small practice, I moved to BDO which facilitated me to work in both audit and the BDO BES Investment Fund. The experience I gained during this time while completing my studies enabled me to work in a wide variety of senior roles in the motor industry, the not-for-profit sector and a government agency.

During my career, I have led teams across Accounting, HR, Corporate Governance, Internal Audit and Risk.

Working with a multinational company was something that I always wanted to do and thankfully I have been able to do that with Kia.

What one word describes what your CPA qualification has given you?
People sitting at table with laptops
What has been your biggest career achievement?
From a business perspective, developing robust finance and governance systems that have enabled growth and investment. On the People and Organisation side of my role, mentoring team members and seeing them develop their potential provides a sense of satisfaction.
What or who inspires you most in business?
Having supported various Board of Directors, I have been lucky to have worked alongside many business leaders from a variety of areas such as finance, banking, sales, legal, talent development and trade unions. Learning a small amount over the years adds up and enables you to apply it in your career often when you least expect it.
What advice would you give to those recently qualified or currently studying for their CPA qualification?
Achieving your qualification is something you will be proud of and one that will enable you to develop a successful career. The path that you choose will be your choice and your CPA qualification will provide a great foundation for you.
How do you unwind?
Playing golf is my way to unwind although I often return home asking myself why! When not on the golf course, I can be found at the side of a football pitch supporting my son’s football team being told to calm down by his sister!
What traits do you admire in others?
I admire people who build businesses, take on risks and provide employment.