CPA Profile
Ann-Marie Reddy

CPA Profile
Ann-Marie Reddy

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Title: Principal
Company: Grant Reddy Fitzgerald / Blackthorn Capital
Qualifications: FCPA, CTA

Why did you decide to start out in a career in accountancy?
I only took up accountancy in 5th year and loved it. I was due to start in UCD in October 1989 after my Leaving Cert and had applied for a trainee position that summer (which I had forgotten about). One interview later and two days of careful consideration, UCD was out the door, and I started my career as a trainee accountant.
Why did you choose CPA Ireland as your qualification route?
The firm was owned by Dermot Grant who was a qualified CPA, so it was the natural choice. The exams suited me also. I am not a fan of shorter-term time for studying, so the longer cycle suited me best.
Please provide a brief history of your career.
I joined Dermot F. Grant and Co in 1989. The practice was merged with Hopkins O’Halloran in 1992 and moved to Amiens Street. I was an audit senior at the time, and I qualified in 1993. We moved to Fitzwilliam Square a few years later and rebranded as HOHG. At this time myself and Dermot started working on Corporate Finance projects and we began to specialise in that area. We made the decision to set up our own practice in 2000, when I became partner with Dermot. During this time, Roslyn Fitzgerald had joined the firm and moved with us. Roll on 20+ years, Dermot has retired and both Roslyn and I own the practice which is based in Calmount Business Park.
What one word describes what your CPA qualification has given you?
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What has been your biggest career achievement?
At the time, way back, I think I was the youngest CPA to qualify as an accountant. Aside from that there have been one or two transactions that I was proud to be part of getting across the line for clients. These early transactions led to a specific interest in Corporate Finance which is an area that I now specialise in.
What or who inspires you most in business?
She might kill me for this, but I have to mention my business partner and friend, Roslyn. Having her as a strong business partner has enabled us to develop a strong tax and audit practice to complement the corporate finance services we provide.

What we do just would not work without her.

What advice would you give to those recently qualified or currently studying for their CPA qualification?
Be proud of your qualification. It is the first step into your future career as a professional and will pave the way for what is next.
How do you unwind?
I have two children, well 18 and 16, more like adults! So I ferry them around A LOT! My son plays football, so a lot of time is spent at the side of a pitch, but I love that so no complaints there! Luckily enough my daughter loves it too!
What traits do you admire in others?
Honesty and kindness. Never to be underestimated