CPA Profile
Conor Molloy

CPA Profile
Conor Molloy

Landscape close-up sepia tone colored photograph of Conor Molloy (far right) holding an award plaque picture frame of the CPA Ireland Liam Donnelly Medal of Excellence certificate as he stands next to President of CPA Ireland, Mark Gargan (far left) and CEO of CPA Ireland, Eamonn Siggins (middle) in where all of them are smiling for a group photo

Title: Accountant
Company: Clonmel Waste Disposal
Qualifications: CPA

Why did you decide to start out in a career in accountancy?
I’ve always been passionate about numbers! I think I was always interested in becoming an accountant and was fortunate to have come across some great teachers throughout secondary school, university and throughout the CPA qualification that continued to inspire me. I am delighted with my choice and love my day-to-day career.
Why did you choose CPA Ireland as your qualification route?
I initially carried out a lot of research and identified the large CPA firms and accountants in my locality who I discussed the merits of the qualification with. My mentor, Niamh McCarthy, is a CPA member who highlighted the approachability and helpfulness of CPA in her experience. The thought of having support available from people on a first name basis appealed to me and has certainly been the case on the road to qualifying recently.
Please provide a brief history of your career.
I graduated from UCD in 2019 with a BSc in Economics and Finance before completing my Green Cert in 2020. I had worked part time with my employer prior to pursuing the CPA qualification and was attracted to the diversity of their business.

There is a wide range of areas where an accountant contributes to the firm from cost analysis to management accounts, and of course they could provide me with first class mentoring. I am delighted to have completed the CPA qualification in 2023.

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What one word describes what your CPA qualification has given you?
What has been your biggest career achievement?
Completing the CPA qualification has been a highlight for me. I underestimated how demanding attending lectures and studying whilst working full time would be. Receiving the Liam Donnelly Medal of Excellence in December was an acknowledgement of perseverance for me.
What or who inspires you most in business?
My parents continue to inspire me in business and in life. They are both entrepreneurs who have encouraged me to persevere and believe in myself, and they support me all the way.

I can’t forget Michael O’Leary, however. I’ve read all his books and still get a kick out of them. He must be the coolest accountant I know.

What advice would you give to those recently qualified or currently studying for their CPA qualification?
Take it easy! It is a long road and can seem daunting at times, but I think it’s important to acknowledge and embrace this. Don’t underestimate how much work you have put in and be proud of every milestone along your CPA journey.

It can be challenging at times but so worthwhile. Work-life balance is a priority and something I definitely needed while studying, so make sure you spend time doing the things you love.

How do you unwind?
I farm part time with my dad which keeps me pretty busy. It’s a great contrast to office life and I love working with animals.

I am also trying to fit in some travel after the pandemic scuppered my post-university plans. I am really enjoying exploring different cultures and landscapes, and certainly looking forward to the exam free year ahead!

What traits do you admire in others?
Positivity, resilience and hard work.