President’s Message

President’s Message

Welcome to the March 2024 edition of Accountancy Plus.

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Back in January, our Council presented the CPA’s membership with a proposal; that we, in the best interests of our profession, seek an amalgamation with Chartered Accountants Ireland.

We then undertook an extensive campaign to engage with our members, through which we shared our vision for a single, Irish-based, accountancy body that would be better placed to address the opportunities and challenges of the future and ensure a sustainable accountancy profession in Ireland.

I am pleased to report that following a membership vote at the Extraordinary General Meeting on Wednesday 21st February, this proposal was approved.

The proposal was passed by an overwhelming majority of our membership, with 97% of those voting supporting the proposal. I see this as an endorsement of the benefits this amalgamation will bring and the desire amongst members for a strengthened future for our profession.

This is a decisive step forward for Irish accountancy. As a single Institute, and the largest professional body on the island of Ireland, we will be in the best possible position to advance the health and sustainability of the accountancy profession. This new Institute will benefit from expanded resources, greater influence, and a larger membership base. This will help attract new entries into our sector, and further our ultimate goals of advancing educational standards, supporting the public interest, and providing value to our members.

It was fantastic to see our membership display such interest and enthusiasm in the future prospects of our profession during the course of this campaign. The attendance of so many members at our town hall meetings, both those held in person around the country and virtually, was very impressive. It inspired a thorough and thoughtful discussion of what we can do to increase student uptake, inform public policy, and provide the best quality of services for our members.

I, along with the other members of the CPA’s Council, am confident this amalgamation will deliver these benefits. As such, I would like to thank you for your consistent and earnest engagement with this proposal, and for ultimately giving it your seal of approval.

We look forward to carrying on our traditions of educational excellence, the highest professional standards, and strong member supports into our new home.

The members of Chartered Accountants Ireland also endorsed this amalgamation proposal at a Special General Meeting held on Wednesday 21st February.

We can now begin the next steps of this process. Over the next few months, we will continue to work closely with our counterparts at Chartered Accountants Ireland to secure regulatory and legal approval for this amalgamation. We will also discuss how the staff and Councils of both organisations will work together following amalgamation, ensuring that CPA Ireland’s proud legacy of service to members and the culture and heritage of our Institute will be maintained and enhanced in the newly amalgamated Institute.

We will make sure to keep our members informed throughout this process.

Once all requirements have been approved by IAASA and other relevant regulators, an application will be made to the High Court asking it to sanction this amalgamation. After this, we will complete the process and begin our renewed efforts to support our profession.

There are exciting times ahead for our profession, our students, and our members.

Now that the amalgamation has been approved, all members of the newly amalgamated Institute will soon be able to reap the benefits of a larger, stronger, more influential Institute. In the meantime, I look forward to engaging with you, addressing your concerns or questions you may have, and continuing to serve the membership of this body for the rest of my term.

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Mark Gargan
President CPA Ireland