The Future is Female by AIB
The Future is Female: Significant growth in female influence in finance and financial planning forecast
by AIB
AIB has demonstrated its commitment to supporting women through financial planning in its recent research paper “The Future is Female”, released in January 2024.
AIB partnered with The Future Laboratory to create “The Future is Female,” a report that examines the present state of the economy and charts the trends influencing female finance and financial planning in Ireland.

The research highlights the growing financial influence of Irish women and outlines how they are driving changes in workplace cultures and business practices, ultimately leading to a forecasted shift in female economic influence.

The paper goes on to show that even with the gender pension gap and the fact that Irish women’s pensions are worth 35% less than men’s at retirement, it is forecast that women will hold 45% of assets under management by 2030 in line with forecasts for Western Europe. This is a result of better qualifications, more equal pay although the gender pay gap remains, higher levels of home ownership and longer life expectancy, with Irish women living to 84 years and Irish men living to 81.

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The paper highlights the growing impact of Irish women on the economy and key trends in female finance and financial planning in Ireland:

  1. Female Economic Influence:
    The paper predicts a significant increase in the economic influence of Irish women, with a focus on their role in transforming work cultures and business practices.
  2. Entrepreneurial Growth:
    Female entrepreneurship in Ireland is rising, with female founders securing €234m in funding for tech startups in 2022. Ireland ranks third in early-stage female entrepreneurs across all European countries.
  3. Board Representation:
    There has been a 21%-point increase in female representation on ISEQ listed companies in the last five years, surpassing the 25% target for 2023 at 28%.
  4. Labour Force Participation:
    The labour force participation rate increased by one percentage point to 65.8%, with a notable rise in female participation from 58.9% to 60.8% in the past year.
  5. Generational Impact:
    Gen Z and millennial female businesspeople are responsible for starting one-third of businesses globally.
  6. Investment Trends:
    While women are generally more risk-averse investors, they prioritise Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors, with 52% preferring to invest in businesses with a positive social or environmental impact.
  7. Leadership Shift:
    There is a move towards ‘agile leadership’, promoting female career advancement by shifting away from presenteeism and strict supervision.
  8. Barriers to Ambition:
    Globally, challenges like childcare and familial care hinder women’s careers, leading to a shift away from jobs that demand prioritising work commitments over personal life.

“I’m delighted that research like the ‘Future is Female’ is being undertaken, but it’s still shocking that while our financial influence is growing, a cause to be celebrated, women are still retiring with a third less than men. As females, we’re used to putting everybody else before ourselves, but we need to also look after ourselves. Maternity leave, parental leave, career breaks, we don’t think about the impact these will have in terms of gaps in our pension contributions. That’s why it’s really important to review where you’re at, to see if there’s going to be enough to live the life you want to live in retirement. I wouldn’t underestimate the relief you feel when you talk to a financial planning adviser” says Siobhan McNally Head of Business Development Wealth at AIB.”

A financial advisor can help women assess their situation and put a plan in place to address any gaps and highlight where things are being done well. It takes about an hour, and you can meet an advisor in an AIB branch or talk on the phone – the choice is yours.

To set up a chat with an AIB Financial Advisor, call 01 771 5867 or visit the AIB website. Phone line opening hours are Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm.

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Interest is subject to Deposit Interest Retention Tax (DIRT)

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